The sales growth of a takeaway is directly proportional to two factors:

  • Seamless takeaway management
  • Successfully understanding how people—customers and prospects—make decisions

Most takeaways consider these to be an impenetrable wall and tangled mess. The truth is otherwise.

Utilizing decades of technological advancement and following a few proven business strategies, takeaways can manage their business, end-to-end, at ease, and implement personalized customer engagement to win their loyalty.

6-Ways to Increase Your Takeaway’s Sales

Turn TVs into Captivating Advertising Displays

The problem with the static menu boards is that they compete for space, cluster, and lose their message. As a consequence, customers end up spending a lot of their time finding a way out of the maze and fail to order the dish that could have won them positive feedback.

Digital Boards edutain your customers. Persuading graphics, videos, menus, and specials work beyond their purpose of listing and encouraging your customers to choose. Digital Boards enable hyper-target marketing by allowing you to effortlessly customize the menu based on demand, festivals, time of year, etc. Above all, Digital Boards can replace traditional advertising that breaks the bank.

Rethink Your Menu

Every giant global food chains have a column in its menus dedicated to combos and have found it working. Customers will naturally appreciate values when it comes to food, and they love customization.

Time to Rethink Your Menu with Combos

Persuade a hungry customer to choose extra sides with a top-seller as a combo meal, at a few pounds less than its original value. The flip side of this coin is that it provides you with an opportunity to promote highly profitable low selling items. A combo for you—In terms of operations, it enables faster-moving queues at your takeaway as it simplifies the decision-making process of your customers.

Listen to Your Customers Before the World

The internet has armed customers with numerous reviewing platforms and programmed their minds to discuss experiences with different products and services. Many goods or one bad, they are going to talk about them, aloud—Customers are unrestrainable!

Offering them such a feedback platform within your takeaway can help you understand customer sentiments, precisely, within the outlet limit. In cases of dissatisfaction (if any), you can respond and resolve your customers’ issues, thus establishing a customer-centric approach.

Shift Your Takeaway to Your Customers’ Place

It is evidently clear that customers are more demanding than ever, and the place where your customers are present is online.

Expanding your takeaway to the virtual world— Website and Mobile App—can benefit you in the following ways,

  • Escalates your branding at a global scale
  • Allows target marking
  • Increases customer understanding
  • Acts as a foundation for digital marketing

Be Omnipresent

Marketing has been transforming over the last two decades based on the nature of customers and new communication channels. Businesses are regularly looking at new methods and channels to keep their customers engrossed and visiting them again and again—Omnichannel Marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing has proven to be a powerful business strategy as it revolves around customers’ preferences. As a business owner, you provide your customers with the privilege to choose the medium of engagement with your business.

Besides, it allows you to create personalized loyalty programs in form of discounts and coupons. Loyalty program philosophy—Encourage customers to revisit and increase the sales of your business.

Go Old School Upselling

Old School Upselling

Hire salespeople and not order-takers! Although new-age sales are dominating, revisiting some old-school upselling techniques works to a great extent in increasing sales and brand loyalty. Focus largely on encouraging and training your staff to take the extra mile, from “What can I get you?” to “You must try the chef’s special, and I bet that you will want more.” The staff encouragement can be as simple as a weekly and daily contest and titles to periodic appraisals. No marketing strategy or technology can surpass a warm smile to greet your customers.

To learn about and implement the above and more efficient ideas to increase your takeaway sales, contact “[email protected]” today.

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