Customers and businesses are two pages of the same book.

Foodgub regularly launches and updates products and features that help you understandpromote, and develop your restaurant business. Here is another—

Introducing the All-New Restaurant Feature

The Restaurant feature makes most of your in-store operations—from a customer entering your restaurant to leaving—tech-driven, fast, and error-free.

Customize the Seat Arrangements, Bringing Smiles to Every Customer

Customers are not that difficult to understand. They have simple expectations, and one such is seating modification.

The feature displays the table layout of your restaurant with distinct names and the number of seats per table. By clicking on the Merge button, you can select the tables that you want to merge, based on the number of customers. By clicking unmerge, you can do the otherwise.

Take Categorized Food Orders, Avoiding Mixups

Easily, misplaced or delayed orders can turn into one of a bad customer experience story.

The restaurant feature allows you to take orders, drill down to the seat, and course-wise.

Print Based on Location, Saving Resources and Time

Depending on the food selection, the feature directs the information to printers at different locations such as bars, cafes, et cetera. Thus, it reduces human involvement in the process.

Enable Manual Coupons and Discounts, Reassuring Customer Loyalty

Customers have become seekers of convenience with access to food at their fingertips. To keep customers coming back, all that you need is to recognise and value their loyalty with suitable offers—the online food ordering advantages, in-store.

You can apply created coupons and personalised discounts, during the time of billing.

Bill as per Necessity and Accept Different Modes of Payment, Promising Hassle-Free Transactions

Now to complete an order you simply can click on the “Print Bill” button. It will provide you with three options, “Cash, Card, and Split Bill.” On choosing the Card option, the feature will automatically transfer the bill information to the connected PDQ machine. The Split Bill option will allow you to generate seat-wise bills, eliminating human errors.

Advancements in technology have created waves in the customer-centric approach. The Restaurant feature takes the extra mile and creates mutually beneficial situations for customers and restaurants, bringing them together on the same page.

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What Your Customers ThinkWhat You Want Them to Think
Will I have to persuade the management to a customized seating accommodation?The food was great, and I had a superb time with all my chaps.
Will I be getting any concessions?I must visit again.
I hope that I don’t have the usual last-moment struggle with the payment.The transaction was swift!

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