With 8000+ takeaways across the UK and 1.2 million orders per month, Touch2Success continues to grow at an exponential rate. In addition, their food portal, Foodhub is listed as one of the top-rated online food portals in the UK. 2019 has been a phenomenal year for the takeaway solution provider.

Now with the Bigfoodie acquisition, the biggest for Touch2Success so far, Touch2Success has added 2,500 more takeaways to their client list strengthening the market position in the UK. Bigfoodie handles an average 30,000 orders per month. This all gets added up to the 3 million orders expansion set by Foodhub for the year 2019. Out of 2,500+ takeaways listed in Bigfoodie, a vast majority belong to the Chinese cuisine. This gives Foodhub’s 100,000+ customers an opportunity to try and relish a wide variety of authentic Chinese dishes like never before, that too on exclusive discounts and offers with zero service charge or order processing fee involved.

End-users on both platforms will benefit from a wider selection of takeaways to choose from and the takeaway owners will benefit from our zero-commission policy.

(Ardit Mula, Technical Specialist, Foodhub.)

Though the acquisition is completed, Bigfoodie will retain its own brand identity, staff and the online ordering portal. However, we will be supporting them with our regional customer service and digital enhancements from the Foodhub platform to grow the business.

With more takeaways and restaurants to choose from, more postcodes being covered and zero additional charges to pay, it’s a win-win situation for the customers of Touch2Success, Foodhub and Bigfoodie.

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