From the delicious to the wacky, the list has it all.

What was it like last year? Plant-based meat or Keto diet that took us by storm? Well, whichever it was, we are still amazed that every year brings dishes that are always cycling in and out of popularity.

As the new year is well underway, even our proverbial water-cooler chats have turned into predictions about the food trends that will take over this year. Ok, enough with the blabber, let’s get on to our curated list of the biggest food trends that will make news this year. 2020 is predicted to be the year of more health-minded foods rather than the ones made for indulgence.

Food Halls

We call Food halls

As restaurants and takeaways realise the low-risk way of peddling their dishes in a place that’s guaranteed high footfall, huge spaces are getting flanked by multiple food kitchens and becoming a trend set to explode this year.


‘Tis the year of Sandwiches

Burgers, move aside – it’s time for the sandwiches to get a gourmet makeover. From all-new ingredients to artisan breads, 2020 will bring sandwiches that are inspired by different cultures and moods. The stage is set for a wave of next-level sarnie action. Are you ready?

Back to the start

French food lovers can take a sigh of joy, as this year, classical French cookery will be making its way to the fore once again. It’s a great way to add a sense of occasion to a meal, without the stiff tableside theatrics or uncomfortable surroundings as of the restaurants in the past.

No Label when the choice is Flexible

2020 is predicted to be the year with a huge increase in guests who, despite not living a vegan lifestyle, will request vegan dishes in restaurants and takeaway deliveries, because they want to make flexible changes to their diet.

Fin-to-gill eating

After the release of “The Whole Fish Cookbook” by Aussie chef Josh Niland, restaurants are trying to turn every part of the fish into something delicious by going creative over those ugly, fiddly bits in exciting new dishes. This has brought a new way of sourcing and prepping seafood, just as you would meat.


Forget couture, It’s time for Seacuterie

The practice of curing seafood such as cuttlefish and turning it into sausage-like creations is gaining quite a market in the UK. Seacuterie, or in simple words, charcuterie for fish and other seafood is a process where it is dry-aged or cured like you would do meat, to intensify the flavour.

Here for all of the Thyme

There’s a new herb in the market that seems to be a favorite lately – Chervil. Thanks to its tarragon-meets-parsley flavor with a grassy, springtime finish, it’s a herb that isn’t mass-produced for the mainstream yet, which is why you will find it in restaurants or takeaways only for now.

Food Delivery App

All About Those Apps

Need we say how important technology is to the future of all restaurants and takeaways? Businesses that are serious about earning good profit and making a name for themselves, have to ensure to get a full-fledged branded app and also get themselves listed on a popular Food Delivery Management app.

That’s all for now! As new dishes and discoveries make themselves known, we will make sure the news reaches you before anyone else. Subscribe to keep an eye on this space for more information.

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