It’s no secret how much work and effort goes into setting up and running a restaurant business. The industry demands long, often antisocial hours, and it can be a very competitive market to place yourself in.

At Foodhub, we have designed our services to help restaurateurs boost their capabilities and increase their orders without the hefty fees that usually come along with this from other online ordering systems.

We have used our experience and knowledge to create a fully managed service which enables you and your business to thrive, with all of our clients gaining access to our unique services as soon as they sign up.

 Some of our unique features 

 Your personalised branded website  

When you sign up with Foodhub, you can use our mobile-friendly, responsive website builders to create an easily accessible hub for your customers to visit and order from you.

 Premium website design  

No matter how you want your personalised website to look, our team of experts are on hand to give you all the advice and technical knowledge you need to make it a reality. We have a range of design templates to choose from, so you can stand out while remaining within your brand guidelines.

 Access to MyTakeaway App  

We have designed the MyTakeaway App with restaurateurs in mind, providing a one-stop shop for everything you need to manage your restaurant remotely. The app lets you view orders, change your menu, handle payments, and much more in one place.

 Foodhub Marketplace  

The Foodhub Marketplace is where people in your local area go to find their ideal takeaway option. When you partner with us, your restaurant will automatically be listed there, which helps expand your customer base and present you in the best possible way against competitors in your area.

 Kitchen Display 

We provide you with a fully integrated order screen for your kitchen, ensuring your chefs are kept entirely up to date with orders coming through and eliminating the need for printing: another great cost-saving feature.

 Branded Mobile App  

We create standalone mobile iOS and Android apps for your restaurant that allow you to upload your menu items, deals, and discounts for customers in your local area to place their orders with you. We use the latest technology to ensure the process is quick and straightforward for you and your customers, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts and potentially increasing revenue opportunities.

 Additional hardware  

We have a range of solutions if you require additional hardware for your restaurant. From APOS to an extra printer, we have options to suit every budget, including refurbished or new models.

We created our ordering system to make the process as easy as possible from start to finish. A range of impressive features helps restaurant owners get the best out of their business and build an online service that works as they need.

 Some of your benefits 

Payment integration

We fully integrate your ordering system with our payment gateway, allowing you to take seamless payments. Even if you don’t have a card machine, you can still accept payments with our Pay by Link technology.

Staff accounts

We provide your managers/staff access to unlimited staff accounts so that you can pass whichever responsibilities you wish over to other team members.

Advanced marketing tools

You can add marketing automation to different areas of the customer journey, for example, if someone has abandoned their cart or has not ordered for a while. You can also send unique coupon codes via SMS or email.

Flyer or SMS bundle packages

Get SMS credit or A6 flyers to hand out to your customers to advertise your takeaway.

Multi-location support

Track all your restaurants in one place with our multi-location feature, all managed within one app.

Postcode search

Ask your customers for only the postcode and door number. Postcode Search will automatically fill in customer details to save time and error.

Integrated delivery system

Our integrated delivery system helps you to manage your drivers and monitor their locations and status.

Dine-in functionality

You can use this service to create tables, merge tables, merge or split bills, and take orders and payments at the table.


Receive reservations through your website and get notifications on the MyTakeaway App.

Caller ID

The system will store your customer numbers, addresses, and order details, meaning you don’t have to collect them manually. It will also display customer addresses and the last three orders, saving time and potential errors.


(Use logos of integrations) We have integrated with the leading online ordering platforms, management solutions, delivery providers, and marketing automation tools to make your life easier.

Loyalty programs

Use our software to create and implement loyalty programs for your customers. We built Foodhub on the idea of charging low commissions to our clients, which means you can save with every order and pass it on to your customers.

 Some of our standard services 

 Unlimited orders with low commission  

We save you thousands yearly in unnecessary high commissions and surprises.

 SEO audit tools  

We set up your Search Engine Optimisation and Google My Business to ensure that you appear when potential customers search for you online.

 24/7 chat support  

Get online support via our best-in-class support system or helpful automated responses whenever needed.

 24/7 dedicated Customer Service Team  

As you grow, you may need more support or quicker resolutions, and we have an industry-leading customer service team available 24/7 to support you.

 Customer Success Manager  

We will assign you one of our expertly trained team members to give you all the information you need to maximise your orders and set up SMS and email campaigns to help you generate orders daily.

 Ad campaign  

Our Digital Marketing Team can create custom campaigns to help you generate more orders with detailed performance reports. Improve your brand presence and get recognised locally and online.

 Recommendation engine  

We analyse your customers’ buying habits and recommend extra add-ons and complimentary items to increase your order values. The above stated are only the tip of the iceberg! Would you like to find out more about becoming a partner with Foodhub? Contact us today!

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