Despite being a profitable industry, the restaurant business has many challenges. A restaurateur needs to purchase different types of equipment, bear labour expenses, face competition, design appealing menus, provide excellent customer experiences, keep up with the trends, promote, and, to top it all, cook. These conditions make the restaurant business extremely difficult.

Supporting the restaurant industry for over a decade, Foodhub understands its problems like nobody else.

 Meet Foodhub’s First Fully Integrated Takeaway! 

We have built an ecosystem of integrated solutions with local restaurants and takeaways in mind, which transforms your restaurant or takeaway into a smart business. 

Digital Menu Board 

Present your menu items and prices in an attractive, easy-to-read format and change menus or rates as you need. Replace your traditional printed menus, and use the interactive nature of the Digital Menu Board to draw your customers’ attention to your food items or specials.

Order Kiosk 

Order Kiosks improve the customer experience by reducing wait times and allowing quick payments. With Foodhub Order Kiosk, you can digitise your restaurant or takeaway with technology popular among tech-savvy millennials and reassign staff. It also generates automated food recommendations and combos to maximise profits.

PDQ Machine 

It allows restaurants like yours to accept customer payments quickly and securely always. The modern, contactless Foodhub PDQ ensures speed and flexibility with every customer payment. Now take payments without worrying about hefty commissions or surprising fees.

Customer View Screen 

Your customers can track the status of their orders in real-time by using the Order View Screen. The screens typically display the order numbers as well as their current status (e.g. “cooking” or “ready for pickup”). The information can also assist your staff in keeping track of orders, ensuring that customers receive their food on time.

 EPOS Machine 

Restaurants use POS (Point of Sale) machines to manage operations, track sales and inventory, handle customer orders, and process payments. The Fusion OS-powered, fully integrated Foodhub EPOS allows you to manage your entire restaurant business from a single device while maximising profits. The POS system also lets you track customer information, run loyalty programmes, and much more.

 Station Printer 

After taking each order, the Station Printer prints receipts directly in the kitchen to specific chefs based on the dishes. Save time and space using the compact and versatile Foodhub Printer, which supports multiple connectivities. 

Dispatch Screen 

The Foodhub Dispatch Screen assists you in managing and streamlining restaurant deliveries, boosting customer satisfaction. It displays all orders on a single screen and has features like order tracking, driver assignment, and more.

Our integrated solutions help you focus on serving the best food to your customers while we take care of everything else. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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