It hasn’t been that long since kitchens in restaurants and takeaways were a synonym for a parliament session. The workload, the pressure, the noise – all the ingredients you will need to make a busy… and messy kitchen. What can we do? There is just so much that happens behind the beautiful ambiance and chic interiors of the eateries customers see upfront.

Kitchen Management

While all the operations in today’s restaurants have changed with the help of technology, the kitchen still gets ignored. Well, let’s put a stop to that!

The time-starved and convenience-seeking generation of today are showing a growing appetite for having food delivered at home. Most of the people we have talked to say that they eat well when someone else is doing the cooking, hence their preference for ordering food from outside. So with this ever-growing hike in food orders, it is quite evident that every operation inside a food joint needs to run efficiently. That means the kitchen too!

Allow us to introduce you to a simple Kitchen Management tool that streamlines the operations in your kitchen and helps your chefs to coordinate and prioritize their work in a better way.

Chef Screen App

Foodhub “Chef Screen App” is a fully customizable order display screen that simplifies order preparation, ensures order accuracy, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order. The App can be accessed as a Supervisor as well as a Chef. It connects to the network your Foodhub Point of Sale system is connected to and gets integrated on its own, once you have enabled the “Chef Screen” toggle on your system. The app allows you to divide the food items on your menu into different categories. You can list a different chef for each of your cuisines so that when the orders come in, the system automatically redirects them to the respective chefs, making everyone’s life easier. And that’s not all there is.

Chef Screen

This app does so much more to help you run the operations in your takeaway smoothly. Here are some that top the list of advantages:

Streamline your kitchen communication
Avoid all the unwanted noise of orders being called and the usage of written orders by having a system that sends the orders directly to each of your chefs. There goes your contribution to nature by reducing the wastage of paper!

Achieve order accuracy like no other
When the orders get assigned directly through a system, the chances of human errors reduce to nil, and the precision of preparing and packing the orders correctly increases tenfold.

Keep a watch like a hawk
From completed orders, the status of each order, to cooking delays, track everything to formulate strategies that give better results.

Monitor your staff’s performance with ease
The efficiency of your kitchen is directly proportional to the efficiency of your staff. Chef Screen helps you with a wide array of metrics including average fulfillment time, rush hours, kitchen staff performance and more.

Save time to do much more
Chef Screen prioritizes the orders according to their delivery time. When an order is nearing their time of delivery, the order will turn red on the screen to notify the chefs. If there’s a food item that has appeared on more orders than one, that particular food will get highlighted so that the chef can prepare it in bulk, and have more time to focus on time-taking orders.

Foodhub’s Chef Screen integrates easily with your POS Till and you know what happens when you have a unified system? You get better results.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Kitchen Management App today and give your chefs another reason to thank you. Explore more Here

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