Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK in February 2020, Gostos, a small family-run restaurant in Newcastle, didn’t offer deliveries as part of their service. When they had to close their doors to visitors, they quickly realised to bring this into their product offering to stay afloat until they could reopen.

At this stage, Shaz, the owner of Gostos, decided to start researching the best options for promoting their new service in the local area. Frustratingly, he found that many of the more well-known food ordering apps charged massive commissions to restaurants and takeaways. He could be giving away a chunk of his weekly earnings to a company that doesn’t return a substantial amount in return.

It all changed when he found out about Foodhub.

At Foodhub, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach their full potential and increase their profits while giving them the tools they need to succeed. In Gostos’ case, the additional help and advice provided by the Foodhub team helped them reach more customers and understand how to promote themselves properly online, on their social media platforms and Google My Business page.

Instead of being charged a high commission on every order, Gostos only had to pay a set fee that remained the same no matter how many orders they put through each week. It means that even when increasing their sales, the price stayed the same, giving them higher profits and a far better customer experience.

Shaz is a big fan of Foodhub’s “no gimmicks, no frills” approach to business partnerships. During the pandemic, standing out against other restaurants offering deliveries became difficult. However, on the Foodhub platform, they were given their personalised landing page and the opportunity to promote their restaurant with deals and offers, enticing a new audience. The culmination of this specialised advice meant they received more orders than ever. They could not only remain open after the pandemic but also make more profits than expected during the lockdown periods.

Their assigned area representative had a vast knowledge of the local area and was able to advise on scopes that Gostos were unsure of, such as which postcodes to advertise their services to and how to manage their delivery process. This personalised advice is priceless to many businesses starting out a new service, as any mistakes can be costly. Foodhub also gave them access to a Complete Point of Sale (Full EPOS) Solution, allowing them to receive and process orders digitally and connect with their chefs for a smooth and seamless process.

Having Foodhub’s knowledge and experience at their disposal helped them feel like they had a lot more support and were part of a broader family who was there to help them succeed, not just make money.

If you’re thinking of becoming a partner with Foodhub, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. All you need to do is get in touch via our contact form, and a team member will be in touch to discuss your opportunities.

You can learn more about Gostos’ experience by watching their video testimonial here.

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