Foodhub is making a huge splash and UK's media is loving it.

While brands all over the world are distressing over the difficulties the Corona outbreak has brought in, Foodhub has been trying to help the " />

Foodhub is making a huge splash and UK’s media is loving it.

While brands all over the world are distressing over the difficulties the Corona outbreak has brought in, Foodhub has been trying to help the food businesses with ways to achieve a constant stream of revenue. No kidding! From introducing better safety measures, charging 0% commission on orders, to initiating a new move of bringing restaurants and pubs on Foodhub’s platform to start taking online orders for FREE.

Foodhub is going above and beyond to aid restaurants and takeaways to breathe easier and make sure that the UK bounces back from this pandemic, stronger and better.

Consequently, our efforts have started getting recognised and got picked up by many of the UK’s popular media. Here are a few, that we believe, will help you get a picture of everything.

The Sun featured Foodhub’s Father’s Day special discount code in their ‘Deals of the week’ section. Foodhub’s social channels are urging the users to do something special for their fathers and father figures with a meal of their choice. It is without question that discounts on special days lead to a huge hike in orders for takeaways.

We did a survey to find out which takeaway food was the most popular amongst our citizens during the lockdown, and not so surprisingly, the result showed people favouring Fish n Chips as uncertainty outside called for a familiar and comfort food. Reading Chronicle states many of our statistics in this wonderful read.

This popular Stoke-on-Trent restaurant had to shut down in March due to lockdown on dine-in. But after months of waiting, the owners of the restaurant are over the moon as Foodhub has enlisted them for collection and delivery orders. Now, people can order their favourite food from The Great Mogul through the Foodhub app and website, without a worry. Read on to know more.

“Fish and chips has soared to the top of the takeaway leaderboard, with delivery platform Foodhub recording an increase in fish and chip orders of 208% since lockdown began.” Our survey result was featured in Daily Telegraph, 30th May’20 issue, along with many other interesting things.

Foodhub’s statistics also made it to the table of no other but The Manc. Not only did they share the article on their Twitter page that has a follower base of 180,500 but also on their Facebook channel that garnered some great engagement. Last time we checked, the article had 1,100 likes, 453 comments and 117 shares. Go Foodhub!

As the lockdown increased restrictions all over the UK, takeaway and restaurant businesses had to establish a stronger delivery process that also abided by all the safety measures. During these times, orders through Foodhub have increased over 50% since lockdown, as the app promotes contact-free and timely delivery of food. Read more.

Many more media houses and Social Influencers have showcased Foodhub’s growth and authenticity of our market in these uncertain times. Restaurants are turning to Foodhub for deliveries and collections. Times are changing and success has become a luxury for those who believe in moving forward and taking a leap of faith.

So, when are you joining Foodhub?

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