With technology revolutionising businesses, it is unavoidable that it slowly infiltrates the hospitality sector and creeps into restaurants and takeaways. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, and the internet of things; are terms that have become very common and not to be forgotten, bitcoins are now predicted to be one of the upcoming and popular payment modes. Even your marketing programmes have become digital and borderline automated. It became inevitable that the restaurant and takeaway industry went digital as well.

Ushering the change

Fearing the change and revolutionization of usual practices is a hurdle every industry has gone through from the early days of modernisation. The only way you can take advantage of the change is to use the change to your advantage by implementing digitisation the right way. Educate yourself on all the new industry standards and continue being your customer’s favourite restaurant.

With the new social norms applied, restaurants and takeaways are forced to increase their online presence. The amount of physical contact is reduced, and restaurant and takeaway owners will have a lot more control over the inventory, preparation time and revenue.

Making Electronic-Money

Every restaurant is encouraged to have an EPOS system as the number of orders and the volume of cash and credit increase steadily. Every penny is accounted for and can help in maintaining a customer database as well.

With all that data, restaurants and takeaways will be able to market their products and provide loyalty points.

Is your restaurant Social?

When more than 80% of the population are online and active on social media, customers tend to be influenced by reviews and online comments. Having an intentional digital strategy is important to your restaurant or takeaway.

You can be active on all social media platforms, just focus on one platform in order to communicate with your current customer base, or even reach out to potential customers.

Why is this process so stressful?

The most obvious drawback to any EPOS system is that it is solely based on how well you can handle computers, and it is subject to all the same technological whims. The push of a wrong button can cause issues in your whole system and leave you hanging. While digital marketing can be easy to implement it is hard to maintain the same tenacity throughout and create content that connects consistently with the customers. There should be an easier way to increase online orders.

How will Foodhub help?

We decided to hold webinars for our clients so anyone can join in from anywhere. While focusing on the key points, the webinars will allow us to teach our clients and help them understand how Foodhub will help them in the first place!

Foodhub webinars will keep you updated about the latest trends in the food industry from marketing to food safety.

Foodhub has always operated on benefitting local businesses and bringing in the 0% Commission Revolution. We are continuing the revolution by making restaurants and takeaways more aware and more educated about digital marketing. On this webinar we will explore the importance of social media and how the food industry can benefit from it. During the webinars, our clients will be getting to how Foodhub will be making the digitisation process easy and support restaurants and takeaways with their digital marketing as well. Worried about your low online orders? We have got experts talking on how any restaurant or takeaway brand can increase online orders.

Every day is a breakthrough, so why would you want to stay behind?

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