The sunset marks the end of a great day. The sky is beautiful at this time, it always is from the beach. Running your own business in the restaurant and takeaway sector once upon a time meant you might all too often miss out on such beautiful spectacles.

Things are different now, in so many ways, you have a bigger team and you can rely on them to take care of things for you when you are not there. But you still need to be there, you still want ultimate control of your business and want to be responsive and take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise. Perhaps you are attending the local food market or have travelled to the other end of the country to speak with a new supplier or have discovered a new product or concept on the prowl for fresh ideas.

You can add new dishes to your menu from the wholesalers or sit on the beach and check your takings. Most business owners are control freaks and MyTakeaway app gives you that control in spades.

A good work-life balance is something people have really been reminded of during the pandemic and it’s an ethos which people continue to embrace even after things have got better. More time with family and less time at work is a nice idea, but what about ever increasing costs and all of the challenges that brings, I hear you ask?

Taking time out to check the competition out or getting some inspiration from eating out is invaluable. You don’t have to steal ideas, just make them your own, and you will be more refreshed and in a better and stronger position to implement them, when you are away from the intensity and hustle and bustle of your Restaurant or Takeaway.

Nor does all of this have to be expensive – Streetfood is an on-trend gift of food inspiration, constantly churning out new and exciting dishes.

Here is a reminder of some of the features of the MyTakeaway app, which will give you the space and time to do whatever it is you want to do while having a tangible presence in your business.

With MyTakeaway app you can manage promotions, send SMS campaigns, generate QR codes, take payments for deliveries, analyse sales reports, update your website, change business hours and transfer your takings with online banking and much more and you can do all of this on the go, from anywhere! As you update your business with fresh ideas, from campaigns, promotions to brand development, to the latest technology, Foodhub is by your side.

too. From our latest screens which will help your team produce so much more in less time to help with tweaking your marketing campaigns or website. And if nothing else up-date your MyTakeaway app as that too constantly evolves and improves. It can now be downloaded now from our website

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