Whatever kind of takeaway you own, whether it’s Fish & Chips, Chinese, Indian, Thai, or even a Pizzeria, it is essential that your menu must showcase all the tasty dishes you have to offer. The main aim of your menu is to tempt your customers to place an order, so below we’ve listed some of our top tips to help design the perfect takeaway menu for your business.

Categorise The Dishes Properly

The first tip is to divide your menu into logical sections. Organising your dishes into relevant fields makes it clearer to read and allows customers to find the dish they are looking for with ease.

Use The Colours Wisely

Takeaway menus which have a pop of colour are always the most inviting and help to catch the eye of any potential customer. Consider warm and welcoming colours such as reds, yellows, and oranges. You may also want to think about what colour suits the type of food you offer. Let’s say if yours belong to a healthy takeaway category, use the colour green that connotes healthy eating.

Uncluttered Imagery Placement.

Although using a few photographs of some of your dishes will help your customer to decide what they want to eat, make sure to use your imagery sparingly. Filling up one half of your menu with images will make it look cluttered and unorganised, whereas just a few simple photos will be able to put into perspective what the customer can expect when ordering from your business. You may also want to consider the use of illustration instead. This can help to add a fun and unique take on your menu, and allows you to communicate your takeaway’s personality through the use of design.

Use Clear, Concise Descriptions

Under each category, it may be useful to have a short yet effective description of the dishes. Having a few clear but concise words can really help to excite their appetites as they read your menu.

Highlight The Contact Details

Make sure your phone number, address, and website are prominent on your menu. The most successful takeaways always place their contact details on the front of their menu. This makes it easy for the customer to find when wanting to place an order.

Display Allergen Information

And last but certainly not least, if any of your dishes may contain or contains traces of allergens you must highlight this on the menu. This is a vital piece of information as it can help aid customers to know what they can and can’t eat from your takeaway. A simple way to show if a dish is suitable for specific diets is to abbreviate, for example, LF stands for Lactose-Free. Before you create your menu design, please make sure you are aware of which dishes contain what allergens.

A newly designed menu can have a huge impact on your takeaway, and with these tips, you’ll be sure to have a takeaway menu guaranteed to capture your customers’ attention!

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