It’s a Thursday night and a hungry worker arrives home late with a growling stomach and an empty fridge.

They quickly google local takeaways, filter to their choice of cuisine, read the profiles, and click on one of the top choices – completely missing your restaurant listed at the bottom.

So why is your takeaway ranked lower than your competitor and what will it take for you to stand out from the crowd?

The answer lies in optimising your Google My Business listing through Foodhub.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is your digital storefront that connects customers to you on Google Search and Maps. Often thought of as just a tool to list a business, GMB is a whole lot more – especially when you let Foodhub manage your GMB profile. Not only is the link a valuable tool in your business strategy, but it can also strengthen your business rankings and discoverability, which in turn, drives sales.

But why do you need it?

A Foodhub-managed GMB makes it easier for people to find what they need nearby. And in a location-based search, you’re not trying to rise above a takeaway one city over. You’re competing against your fellow neighbourhood chippy to entice a hungry virtual visitor into a paying customer.

And considering more than 90% of searchers don’t look beyond the first few businesses they find on Google, it’s all that critical your GMB profile is working for you and not against you.

So how can you enhance your GMB profile that will see your listing to the very top? Here are 3 quick wins you can take advantage of right now – especially with Foodhub at the helm:

Quick win 1: Add a description

Whether it’s the best fish and chips in town or an authentic pizza recipe direct from your Nan, customers want to know what makes your takeaway special. Which is why the first step to creating a great impression lies in the business description.

The key is to keep it short and sweet, especially as only 250 characters will only show up before they get cut off. Be sure to include important information like your cuisine, your location, and your unique selling point (USP).

Need some inspiration?

1. Lord of the Fries is a legendary fish and chips shop run by the same family since 1921. Enjoy crisp beer-battered cod, piping hot mushy peas, and moreish chips in the historic town centre of Chester-le-Street.

2. You Knead Pizza is Barnsley’s best pizza restaurant. Using only the freshest Italian ingredients and the wood-burning oven Gilberto’s Nonna brought over from Napoli, enjoy the incredible flavours of Italy right in your home.

By providing a description that takes only a moment to read yet is rich in detail, you’re giving potential customers important insight that makes you stand out and drive sales.

Quick win 2: Ask your customers for reviews

Like it or not, potential customers are reading reviews before ordering. But instead of seeing it as something to worry about, view it as a valuable asset on your GMB.

How much of an impact do reviews have on customers? 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews, and 93% say that online reviews influence their decision in making a purchase. Most importantly, reviews give more credibility to your business.

One worry for many takeaway owners are bad reviews. But, keep in mind that the more reviews you receive, the more your average rating will be a fair representation of your restaurant.

For example, if you only have six 5-star reviews on GMB and an unhappy customer gives you a 1-star, your rating drops to a 4.4.

But if you have twenty 5-star reviews, your new average? 4.8.

Which is why asking your customers to review your takeaway is so important. It not only helps you maintain a good online reputation, but shows customers that you genuinely care about what they think.

Quick win 3: Optimise your takeaway experience by connecting with Foodhub

We’ve saved the easiest (and probably the best) one for last as you’ve already done it – create an optimised takeaway website.

When you first partnered with us at Foodhub, your website was built from the ground up using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) measures to rank your website on our Marketplace.

But to give it that extra oomph that will see your takeaway listing to the very top, you need to make it even easier for customers to order takeout – by linking your Foodhub listing to your GMB profile. And when connected with your Foodhub Marketplace listing, potential customers can easily click on the ‘Place an order’ tab and be taken directly to your Foodhub website.

It also means your takeaway is given a higher search placement as more people engage with your Foodhub website through GMB. How? Website traffic plays a significant role in where your takeaway appears in local Google searches. Essentially, the more popular your website, the higher your ranking.

To get started on linking Foodhub with your GMB, all you need to do is follow these five simple steps:

1. Let us know you want to create a link between your Foodhub listing and your GMB.

2. Our dedicated Google Team at Foodhub will request access to your Google My Business.

3. Accept the ownership request from any email address ending in or @foodhub.

4. Google will send an access pin.

5. Our team will use the pin to link your Foodhub website with your GMB.

It really is that easy, but even if you hit a hiccup at any point, we’re only a phone call away to help you get started on a higher local search ranking.

Create a successful takeaway business

There are so many ways potential customers can find your takeaway on Google My Business. And when optimised right, GMB positions your restaurant where it needs to be in local searches – right at the top.

However, if you decide not to enhance your GMB profile or link your Foodhub website, you risk losing valuable customers that could potentially put your business at risk.

If you want to know more about how to get your takeaway business in a higher ranking, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.

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