says Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister

Starting Thursday 5th November, England will be going into a second lockdown until Wednesday 2nd December. Pubs and restaurants will be shut unless serving food for delivery or “click & collect”, while all leisure and entertainment venues and non-essential shops will close once again.

Now is the time to take action because there’s no alternative,

The more stringent measures this time demands the UK residents to stay at home as much as possible, banning socialisation to the highest levels, which is the only way left at the moment to contain the pandemic outbreak for the second time.

Having to adapt to the ‘new normal’ has turned out to be a necessity rather than an option for food businesses. The benefit that food businesses have, even with the new crazy restrictions is that they can still serve takeaway or provide a delivery service.

So, if you’re a restaurant, pub or cafe owner, no longer be the one on the list who is still puzzled about how to deal with the latest restrictions. Foodhub can help your business offer online ordering for delivery or “click & collect”.

Foodhub’s latest socially-responsible campaign supports the local food businesses to survive the crisis with a free business listing and 0% commission business model on all orders.

Take a quick peek and see if the following package sounds interesting and monetarily beneficial to your business.

  • Free Foodhub listing for 3 months
  • No initial set-up fee
  • 0% commission on all orders
  • Free online marketing the Foodhub way
  • Free branded, online ordering website
  • Free takeaway management app

That’s right, who said you don’t get anything for free these days? With our unique 0% commission business model, Foodhub helps local businesses to earn more during these unprecedented times.

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