It’s been a long day – yet there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done – ordering, prepping, hygiene, managing staff…The stress of food service takes up a lot of your time and energy. Perhaps you employ people to do all of this for you, but you want to drive your business forward.

Whether you have been in business for years or you have just started. The ever changing food industry is changing faster than ever before. Constantly evolving technology guarantees this as do food trends. If you are new to all this there is a lot to learn and if you are vastly experienced there is always something new to learn.

Take a step each day

1. Social media

The first step is to set up your social media channels. Existing and new customers log on everyday. If you don’t show up they can’t see you. If they can’t see you, then you don’t exist.

2. Google my Business

Hand in hand with this and perhaps more effective in creating an online presence is Google my business. GMB will improve your discoverability massively, however linking with Foodhub will place your business at the top of the rankings. Your customers will be able to find you easily – at last!

Customers eat with their eyes

Your menu is a photo opportunity which will help your business grow. My Takeaway app gives you control over menu and food item photos to entice customers.

3. SMS

Now that you have an online presence you are already gaining more customers and making it easier for regulars to find you. Your database of customers is expanding. This means you can message your customers directly about deals and promotions.

4. Email

The same goes for email. Your customers, wherever they are, whatever they are doing or whoever they are with – perhaps out for drinks, talking to their friends about the deal you sent them which is celebrating the big match.

5. Discounts and special offers

These days there is a reason to celebrate something everyday. From National World Kindness Day, big sporting events such as F1 to football tournaments. Sometimes you don’t need an excuse. Simply send details of your special offers and discounts.

6. Loyalty programme

Now that you are gaining more customers, you want to keep them! Loyal customers lead to growth. To stop them going elsewhere email and message rewards. Entice your regulars to return again and again by rewarding their loyalty with deals designed by you.

7. Support

With the right support anything is possible. Even the most tech savvy of us can sometimes need some extra support. The final step can also be the first step to success as Foodhub can take care of all steps for you. The team at Foodhub can take care of any issues no matter how big or small from IT to marketing. Foodhub support are always more than happy to help.

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