We know running a business can be overwhelming, and if you’re busy you’ll need various tools at your disposal to keep on top of everything. The good news is, that with Foodhub’s digital screen technology, we’ve combined several restaurant management features into one easy to use feature – all you need is a TV Screen and the app available to download on the app store.

Kitchen Display & Chef’s Screen

Turn your TV into an order view screen for the kitchen. Check orders, prioritise cooking based on delivery times and remove the requirements for physical print outs. When an order nears completion, the screen notifies staff so it can be allocated for pick up or delivery creating a much more efficient process.

Foodhub’s’ “Chef Screen App” is a fully customizable order display screen that simplifies order preparation, ensures order accuracy, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order. The App can be accessed as a Supervisor as well as a Chef. It connects on the network your Foodhub Point of Sale system is connected to and gets integrated on its own, once you have enabled the “Chef Screen” toggle on your system. The app allows you to divide the food items on your menu into different categories. You can list a different chef for each of your cuisines so when the orders come in, the system automatically redirects them to the respective chefs, making everyone’s life easier.

This app does so much more to help you run the operations in your takeaway smoothly. Here are some that top the list of advantages:

  • Streamline your kitchen communication
  • Achieve order accuracy
  • Give yourself visibility across your whole takeaway
  • Monitor your staff’s performance with ease

Digital Menu Screen:

Grab the attention of your customers by showing beautiful food pictures or videos, run slideshows of combos and offers, promote latest deals or just put up your menu to remove the need for paper menus which constantly need updating.

Delivery Management Screen:

Keep a close eye on driver status with a live screen that shows all your drivers’ location, along with order details that have been allocated to them. Track food delivery in real-time right from your kitchen floor to the customers’ doorstep.

Make sure your takeaway takes full advantage of Foodhubs digital technology, Foodhub has taken steps to create and understand exactly what your customers need by giving your takeaway the tools to succeed.

Utilising Foodhub’s digital restaurant features will allow your takeaway to become streamline and easy to manage. You will be able to run your takeaway with ease and transparency with visible ordering screens to monitor when orders come in and in what order so nothing gets mixed up or lost. You’ll be able to keep up to date with your delivery drivers making sure they are on track as well as assigning them orders in specific areas meaning they will be more sufficient. This will enable you to keep in contact with your customers letting them know where their takeaway is. You will be able to showcase your menus visually with great images of your takeaway dishes along with being able to update the menu with ease.

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