Loyalty programmes

How do you become the takeaway that customers keep returning too. So let’s understand why your takeaway is not winning your customers over consecutively?

The answer lies in utilising your loyalty programme through Foodhub.

Loyalty programs have proven themselves as one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. An online report showed that as many as 84% of consumers say they’re more likely to stick with a brand that offers a customer loyalty program. And 66% of customers say the ability to earn rewards actually changes their spending behaviour.

We know that it costs a lot less to sell to repeat customers than acquire new ones, that’s why you should invest in loyalty and rewards programs. While they can be effective, customer loyalty programs are not new to the industry. That’s why finding innovative new ways to build rewards programs and engage with customer loyalty is hugely important.

How customer loyalty programs work and how they can benefit you:

Customer loyalty programs reward customers who repeatedly interact with your takeaway. It’s a customer retention strategy that encourages customers to continue buying from you rather than your competitors.

The more a customer buys or engages with your takeaway the more rewards your customers earn. The goal is to motivate repeat purchases and build trust between customer and business.

Running a customer loyalty program means you’ll need to give away something. Be it discounts, sales etc. But the payoff for having rewards programs are huge:

  • More customer referrals. If you have a great loyalty rewards program, your customers may tell their friends and family about it. More referrals equals more customers.
  • Higher customer retention. If people find value in your loyalty program, they’ll likely stick around for longer.
  • More sales. Want a higher average order value? According to recent loyalty research, 49% of consumers agree they’ve spent more after joining a loyalty program.
  • Brand advocacy. A successful loyalty program can turn regular customers into brand advocates. This group helps your takeaway get in front of new customers through word of mouth, which is a useful low-cost marketing strategy instead of paying for a marketing campaign.

But not every loyalty program is the same. There are different types of rewards programs you can use to build customer loyalty and make repeat sales.

Do things differently with your loyalty program:

Over the last decade, loyalty and customer rewards programs have proven they’re an effective way to improve customer retention rates, boost customer lifetime value, provide good customer service, and inspire brand loyalty. A truly innovative approach to customer loyalty programs can create huge value for your business.

Create a successful takeaway business

There are so many ways potential customers can find or get involved with your loyalty scheme. Getting your business name out there and becoming someone different to your nearby competitors.

The loyalty programme feature takes the extra mile and creates mutually beneficial situations for customers and restaurants, bringing them together on the same page.

All this can be done through your Mytakeaway app. When you have set up your loyalty program make sure you add a banner to the website for any client that you activate Loyalty Points for. This is a very important step in the process. Make sure your customers know about your loyalty program so they can get involved and become a valued member of the program.

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