Take your business anywhere with Foodhub APOS/A920

The compact, cost-effective Android POS system simplifies restaurant operations and gives you the freedom to move around.

My Takeaway App

An innovative POS (Point of Sale) system

Get new online orders and handle them easily on a portable device that functions on Android. It has a pre-installed restaurant management app!

  • Take orders, online and offline
  • Manage drivers and staff accounts
  • Send promotional offers to customers
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PDQ Machine

Reliable and secure payments, always

Get your payments on time, every time, with the secure, integrated gateway solution. The Pay by Link feature makes the process even easier!

  • Portable payment system
  • Multiple payment options
  • Quick, smooth, and safe payments
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Foodhub EPOS

Be where your customers are

Make your restaurant easier to find and promote your food with mouth-watering images! Foodhub builds a modern, responsive website and mobile app for your business.

  • Complete POS integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Real-time delivery tracking
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Foodhub Customer Service

Know your customers better

Keep updating your business based on customer preferences and activities. Create a customer database and promote your brand with easy-to-understand reports.

  • Time-based sales reports
  • Tax summaries
  • Sales analysis and tracking
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Foodhub Customer Support

We are here for you, always

No matter when you reach out to us, we are there for you! Be it a simple question regarding setup or to learn about the ways to be more profitable, just ask.

  • A dedicated support team
  • We are always a call away
  • Live chat, for a quick catch up
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Restaurant Delivery Management

Delivery updates at your fingertips

Provide your customers with real-time order status and earn their trust. The AI-driven, Delivery-Update bot feature will make customers appreciate your service efficiency.

  • Update order status
  • Send expected delivery time
  • Snooze the update request
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Supports and Downloads

Foodhub APOS (M2 Pro)
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Product Datasheet
Foodhub APOS (A920)
Product Images
Product Datasheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Restaurant Android POS system is tailored to enhance efficiency, improve order accuracy, and provide valuable insights for better business decision-making. It also offers features like table management and menu customisation.

Yes, our system is versatile and can be customised to meet the needs of various dining establishments, including fast-food outlets, fine-dining restaurants, cafes, and more.

Yes, our system is designed to integrate with various tools such as accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other business applications to streamline your restaurant's operations.

Yes, our system offers remote access, allowing you to monitor sales, track inventory, and manage your restaurant from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our system prioritises security with features like encryption and secure payment processing to protect sensitive customer information during transactions.

Yes, we provide training resources and support to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your staff, helping them become proficient in using the Android POS system.