Minimise queues, speed up service, and boost sales

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Digitalise your customer experience
with self-service kiosk

Foodhub Order Kiosk enables customers to browse the menu, customise their
orders, and complete the payment process seamlessly.

Stylish and compact design

Fits restaurant and takeaway of any type and size

Immersive experience

Entices customers and assists them in decision-making

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface lets customers order in a few taps

Foodhub Kiosk Pro

It's a user-friendly self-service ordering system is ideal for restaurants and takeaways, big or small. It comes in two variants: wall mountable and with stand.

24" FHD

Wi-Fi and LAN

Inbuilt printer


Foodhub Kiosk Lite

It's a space-saving self-service ordering system perfect for restaurants and takeaways with limited space. It comes in as a wall mountable variant.

32" FHD

Wi-Fi and LAN



Better customer experience

Customers prefer self-service kiosks for their quick and convenient ordering process. They can easily select and pay for their orders in just a few taps.

  • Concise and user-friendly menu.
  • Instant order confirmation.
  • Convenient payment options.

Modern and efficient design

Foodhub Order Kiosk has a sleek, modern designs that takes up minimal space in your restaurant. Your customers will find it easy to use.

  • Stylish and space-saving design.
  • Large, 24" and 32" displays.
  • Order status indicator.

Maximise average order value

With automated suggestions and user-friendly menus, boosting food sales and offering combo deals is now a breeze.

  • Special food combos.
  • Personalised recommendations.
  • Contact-less ordering experience.

Integration with EPOS

Foodhub Order Kiosk is fully integrated to the EPOS system, enabling you to benefit from both the technologies. Receive self-service kiosk orders directly on your EPOS device, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving accuracy.


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Foodhub Kiosk Pro
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Foodhub Kiosk Lite
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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! We offer customisation options to match the kiosk interface with your restaurant's branding, including colours, logos, and themes. This helps create a cohesive and branded experience for your customers.

In the rare event of technical issues, our on-site staff can assist customers promptly. Additionally, we have a dedicated support team that can be reached for remote assistance and troubleshooting.

Yes, self-service kiosks and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems can be seamlessly integrated. Our technology is designed to facilitate a smooth connection between self-service kiosks and your EPOS system. This integration ensures efficient communication and data synchronization, allowing you to manage orders and transactions cohesively. Our team can assist you throughout the integration process, providing a customised solution to meet your specific business requirements.

Kiosks play a crucial role in data analysis by collecting valuable information throughout the customer interaction process. From user preferences and popular menu items to transaction patterns, kiosks generate data that can be analysed to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This analytical data helps businesses make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance the overall customer experience. If you have specific data analysis requirements, our team is available to assist in tailoring the solution to meet your business needs.

Jazz up your restaurant and takeaway with technology