The Future is Foodhub

Foodhub constantly evolves and generates updates in products and services to help you run your business with ease.

A customer paying for their meal using the safe and secure Integrated payment Gateway.

What's coming soon?

Group Assign feature

The feature allows the system to automatically group orders of a particular takeaway and assign them to a driver based on location, eliminating manual effort. On enabling the Multiple Takeaway option, it can group the orders of multiple takeaways based on the postcode.

Google Food Ordering
in the USA

Foodhub is bringing the GFO (Google Food Ordering) to its USA restaurants. GFO integrates placing direct food orders with your restaurant into the Google search results, helping you receive more direct orders from your customers.

Customer experience:
Raise a Dispute feature

Customers can share the issue with their order, and Foodhub's automated chat support will analyse, address, and resolve it immediately. The restaurant partner can also raise concerns, which the chatbot will settle quickly.