Drive2success - Food delivery management system for takeaways & restaurants

Power up your restaurant with seamless delivery management.

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Demonstration video for Drive2Success which explains delivery driver tracking features.
A client using Drive2Success and saving costs as they navigate through many features of this intuitive delivery management app.

Do more with Less-endless benefits - Drive2Success

Cut down your delivery costs with Drive2Success - Foodhub’s seamless delivery management app. Track your orders in real-time as your driver partners deliver the food.

  • Assign deliveries based on priority
  • Pinpoint customer location to the door number
  • Connect with your drivers during deliveries
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A delivery driver exploring the map interface of Drive2Success with navigation pins on multiple destinations.

Food delivery made easy with Drive2Success

The delivery management app for restaurants and takeaways, Drive2Success, helps you assign food deliveries. Track the delivery in real-time.

  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Customise deliveries and charges
  • Delivery directions
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Drive2Success being used with ease to deliver fresh beautiful food efficiently and seamlessly.

A match made in tech

Keep your customers coming back for more. This food delivery management system tailors a seamless process specifically for restaurants and takeaways.

  • Real-time updates
  • Tap to call feature
  • Compatible with all devices
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Your neighbourhood restaurants are already benefiting by using Drive2Success

Some of our restaurant partners have been with us since the beginning, and the choice of 30,000 restaurants can't be wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery management app from Foodhub for Business includes features such as:
- Real-time delivery tracking
- Route optimisation
- Order assignment
- Delivery directions
- Customisable delivery settings and charges
- Driver communication tools
- Proof of delivery via digital signatures and photos
- Analytics and reporting

Yes, the app is designed to be user-friendly for both administrators and delivery personnel. Administrators have access to a comprehensive dashboard for managing orders and tracking deliveries, while delivery personnel benefit from an intuitive mobile interface that provides delivery instructions and optimised routes.

The app ensures data security through:
- Encryption: Both in transit and at rest.
- Role-based access controls: To limit data access to authorised users.
- Regular security audits: To maintain industry standards and compliance.
- Data backups: To prevent data loss.

Yes, the app helps reduce delivery costs and improve efficiency by:
- Optimising routes: Reducing fuel consumption and delivery times.
- Enhancing fleet utilisation: Better management and use of delivery vehicles.
- Reducing idle time: Efficient scheduling and real-time updates.
- Providing data insights: To refine delivery operations and cut costs.

To get started:
1. Download Drive2Success and integrate it to your My Business Hub.
2. Add your drivers
3. Ensure your team has download the drive2success app so they can start receiving orders
4. Train Staff: Ensure your team is trained on using the app.
5. Implement: Integrate the app with your existing process.

Foodhub for Business offers:
- 24/7 Support: Via phone, email, or chat.
- Dedicated Account Manager: For personalised assistance.
- Online Resources: Including tutorials and FAQs.
- Regular Updates: With new features and improvements.

The app operates by:
- Order Entry: Orders are entered manually or through integrations.
- Assignment: Deliveries are assigned to drivers based on priority and preference.
- Route Optimisation: Calculates efficient routes.
- Execution: Drivers receive delivery details on their mobile devices.
- Tracking: Real-time monitoring of deliveries.
- Proof of Delivery: Digital signatures and photos confirm deliveries.
- Reporting: Analyses data for performance insights looking at their driver takings.

Yes, the app integrates with various systems, including:
- POS systems that are running on My Business Hub.
For more detailed information, you can visit or get in touch with our customer support: (