The Complete Hardware Solution for Restaurants & Takeaways

Customisable products to help your business reach new heights.


Point of Sale

Run your business smoothly and maximise profit with the perfect POS solution.

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Android POS (M2 Pro)

Keep your business moving with the portable, all-in-one Android POS.

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Order Kiosk

Minimise queues at your restaurant and let your customers order conveniently.

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P Kiosk

It's a convenient, wall-mountable food-ordering kiosk, ideal for restaurants and takeaways of any size.

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Integrated Payment Gateway

Experience the flexibility and accept payments quickly and securely every time.

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Cash Drawer

Keep your money safe with heavy-duty cash drawers, perfect for restaurants and takeaways.

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Takeaway Printer

Print your orders effortlessly, customised to individual needs, with the durable printer.

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Takeaway Cloud Printer

Speed up the printing process and increase mobility with the reliable cloud printer.

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Caller ID Modem

Are a lot of customers calling your takeaway? With Wi-Fi Caller ID, you can keep track of them.

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KDS 18" & 21"

Streamline kitchen communication, and let your chefs prepare orders stress-free.

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USB Speakers

Enhance the audio output of computers, laptops, and other devices at your restaurant.

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Wireless Router

The powerful, latest-tech Wi-Fi router provides you with reliable Wi-Fi speeds.

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Wall Mount VESA

It's a standard system for mounting flat-panel displays, such as flat-screen televisions on walls.

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Foodhub PDQ Stand

The easy-to-assemble PDQ stand puts you in control of your service.

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Online Ordering System

Online Ordering

Be online-order-ready and connect with customers wanting to place online food orders.

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Digital Menu Board

Go beyond listing! Bring your menu to life with enticing graphics and videos of your food.

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iOS and Android Apps

Improve your brand presence by reserving a space on your customers’ mobiles.

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Listing in Foodhub

List your restaurant or takeaway on Foodhub for free and take your spot in the limelight.

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Table Ordering System

The system makes it easy for your customers to order and pay for their food without waiting for your staff.

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Management App

Manage your takeaway or restaurant operations, end-to-end, from the palm of your hand.

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Delivery Management

Effortlessly track deliveries in real-time from your kitchen to customers' doorsteps.

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