Just Payments and No Let-Downs with Foodhub PDQ Device

Foodhub's state-of-the-art PDQ device helps you accept payments quickly and confidently without failures every time.

A customer paying for their meal using the safe and secure Integrated payment Gateway.

How does it work?

The PDQ helps you have shorter queues, happier customers, and faster payments.

Tell us a few details about your business and payment needs

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A demonstration video of the modern, safe and secure Foodhub contactless PDQ.

Bring seamlessness to every experience

Hassle-free transactions mean shorter queues! The contactless, modern Foodhub PDQ guarantees speed and flexibility with every customer payment.

  • Multiple, swift payment methods
  • 5" HD touch screen
  • 2” thermal printer, 80mm/second
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A Foodhub for business client enjoying the convenience of transacting safe and secure payments on the go.

Bring connectivity to every location

Avoid loss of payments due to network errors during transactions. Foodhub PDQ has multiple connection methods and a wireless charging option.

  • 3G and 4G compatibility
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivities
  • 5,250 mAh Li-ion wireless charging battery
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A restaurant owner is smiling using Integrated Payment Gateway as his business makes more profit with zero monthly rental.

Bring freedom to every transaction

Only pay when you receive orders. Get seamless payments without hefty commissions and hidden charges for every transaction.

  • Pay only for orders you receive
  • Zero monthly rental and refund charges
  • A universal rate for all cards
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Simple pricing, no hidden charges

Transparent billing structure

A universal rate for all cards

Zero monthly rental fee

Pay only for what you earn

Rates as low as 0.5%

Frequently Asked Questions

A PDQ machine (Process Data Quickly) processes card payments by connecting to a merchant account to authorise transactions and transfer funds from the customer's account to the business.

Yes, PDQ machines are ideal for takeaways and restaurants, providing efficient payment solutions and reducing customer wait times.

They streamline the payment process, reduce queue times, and enhance customer satisfaction with swift and secure transactions.

Yes, they are suitable for casual dining establishments, offering flexibility and speed in handling various payment methods.

Yes, Foodhub PDQ machines support contactless payments, making transactions quicker and more convenient for customers.

PDQ machines process transactions rapidly, ensuring minimal delay and keeping customer wait times short.

Yes, they offer detailed transaction data, helping businesses track and manage their sales effectively.

No, PDQ machines are designed for in-person transactions rather than online orders.

Yes, they are secure, using encryption and secure connections to protect transaction data.
For more details, visit :https://foodhubforbusiness.com/pdq or contact their customer support
at +44 178 244 4282.