Seamless dining experience for both diners and staff

Foodhub's table ordering system combines convenience and flexibility, allowing your customers to order and pay from their table.


How table QR code ordering works

The customer scans the QR code on their table. It will open the restaurant's online menu on their phone

The customer can then browse the menu and select the items. Once they are ready, they can enter their order

The customer pays for their order. They can do it through payment methods, like credit and debit cards and other online options

You'll receive the order through the POS and kitchen printers. The kitchen prepares, and the staff brings it to the diner's table

A demonstration video of the modern, safe and secure Foodhub contactless PDQ.

Let your customers order on their terms

Why wait for a server when customers can order at their own pace? Foodhub's table food ordering system allows them to place their order when they are ready without feeling rushed.

  • Minimised wait times
  • Simple payments
  • User-friendly approach
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A Foodhub for business client enjoying the convenience of transacting safe and secure payments on the go.

Empower your restaurant staff

Foodhub's table food ordering software lets your restaurant staff focus on fulfilling orders and creating an optimal guest experience. Say goodbye to manual order taking and hello to more attentive service.

  • Reduce contact
  • Error-free orders
  • Improved table turnovers
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Benefits of Foodhub's table ordering system

Streamline operations: Minimises the need for servers to take orders and payments, freeing up staff for better customer service

Improved customer service: Allows diners to order and pay when they want, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction

Easy payment options: Offers convenient payment methods like Apple Pay, etc.

Enhanced efficiency: Improves table turnover times to boost profits

Staff productivity: Empowers staff to provide excellent service and enhance the guest experience

Diner freedom: Gives diners the freedom to order without waiting for a server

Intuitive ordering: Provides a mobile-optimised menu and payment experience for a seamless guest experience

Valuable data collection: Gathers customer data for tailored marketing campaigns and turning guests into repeat customers