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8 Pricing Hacks to Increase Your Restaurant's Sales

What small changes in your restaurant pricing could get your customers to order and spend more?

Discussed in this white paper are 8 pricing hacks that could change the way you think about marketing your brand, delicious dishes and the services you offer. Learn about the minimal changes you could try to make things go BIG.

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Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Things you must know before choosing a POS system for takeaways

The POS you choose should follow you across the store and online, helping you bring in new orders, build customer loyalty resulting in increased order size, repeat business and endless opportunities to upsell.

This complete guide from Touch2Success help you simplify your POS research and choose one that meets all of your business’ current needs and future growth requirements, a lot quicker.

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Marketing Guide For Takeaways & Restaurants

Quite a lot of food businesses are struggling to find a way to keep up with the market pace and mostly falling short of their competitors. The fact being, the businesses achieving such high results are leveraging technology better than their competitors.

Download this whitepaper and learn how Google Ads and Facebook ads can help you bring in more new online and in-store orders.

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